Project Description

The program is a 12-month module for students with any level of proficiency in English, from complete beginner to advance. For students who join us without any previous background in English, the course will last about 12 months. Our Intensive course consists of a combination of Core English and Advanced Academic English Skills, comprising of the five language skills -conversation, listening, grammar, reading and writing.

The placement test will be held at our center to assign students to their actual levels.

This course is an ideal choice for those language learners who need to have maximum exposure in learning environment and are keen to improve their English faster on daily basis.

In this course you will:

  • learn to communicate more confidently and fluently
  • improve your vocabulary and pronunciation
  • learn English in a professional environment with native teachers
  • have listening, speaking, writing, reading and grammar lessons


  • Each level is one month (80 hours)
  • Complimentary tutorial classes (40 hours)
  • 4 hours a day focusing on different skills
  • Your level will be determined by a placement test
  • Visa For students who register for a 6-month package
  • A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the course.


Our teachers are qualified and experienced. They create dynamic and motivating classes, designed to activate and build upon your strengths, whilst also giving focused attention to your weaker areas.



We believe you learn best when you are engaged in discussion and taking a full and active part in lessons. In other words, there will not be a moment when you are not directly involved in the class.


Your teachers are trained to deliver constant support and feedback within a relaxed and informal environment. Their care and encouragement will build your confidence as you progress.


In addition to text books, your teachers will refer to authentic resources such as newspapers, videos, internet and audio recordings. This will give you an understanding of how English is used in real contexts.