60 seconds English grammar lesson “Would Rather”

Hi I am teacher Adam from California KL

Welcome to 60 seconds English grammar lesson.Today I’d like to talk about when and how to use ‘would rather’. We use would rather to state preferences followed by the base form of a verb.

For example,

she would rather see a comedy film. We would rather play basketball. We can also use the contracted form of would with subject pronouns such as I’d rather go to an Italian restaurant or he’d rather stay home tonight. We can also use would rather to a ask question about what someone may like to do. Would you rather watch an action movie or a drama?

We use had better and the base form of the verb to warn of a possible negative result. it is a stronger form of advice than should.

For example,

they had better make a reservation right away,  why, because the hotel is almost full.

Another example,

you had better not check-out late, why, because there is a late checkout fee. Now I will speak about should. We use should plus the base form of a verb to give suggestions or advice.

For example,

you should make reservations right away. Or, she shouldn’t forget her passport. While forming a question, the negative form shouldn’t is more common in questions than had better.

For example,

‘Shouldn’t we call the airline first? ‘ We’d better. There could be delays. Or, We’d better not, there’s no time.

Thank you

Simple present for future events

Most students understand the simple present form is used to discuss facts, habits, and routines.

-I brush my teeth every day.

-He listens to classical music in the morning.

-The Earth is round.

However, the simple present can be used to speak about future events that are definitely scheduled.

  • The flight leaves at 2 pm tomorrow.

  • Your class begins at 9 the next week.

Since we are talking about a fixed schedule, we can use the simple present to discuss future events.

Can you think about other examples of using simple present for future events?

The 3 words Idle, idol and ideal are a little confusing.

Idle means something not in use, empty or doing nothing.

  • Are you an idle student?

Idle is an adjective and basically means Lazy or doing nothing.

Idol is a noun and it is used to say that someone is excessively admired.

  • American Idol

Ideal is also an adjective and It means something is perfect or the most suitable.

  • The swimming pool is ideal for a quick dip.